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It's the first day of President Obama's second term, so how will he secure the progress he made, while funding the second-term agenda he laid out in yesterday's inauguration speech? The high school graduation rate in the U.S. is the highest it's been in nearly 40 years. The daily deal site Groupon has halted all gun related promotions. Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus talks about how a cat bite turned into a $55,000 medical bill. Fashion journalist Kate Betts discusses how the First Family's fashion choices could impact those designers and the fashion industry. And Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jeffrey Eugenedies describes the meaning of hope.

How a cat bite cost one man $55,000

His own cat bit him. Then David Lazarus got an infection. Surgery, tests and a hospital stay later, his total bill came to $55,000.
Posted In: health care, hospital

Does Obama fashion trickle down to JCrew?

Michelle Obama has long been the trendsetter; now it's her daughters' clothes that are turning heads.
Posted In: fashion, JCrew, Retail, Michelle Obama

Obama's economic challenges, part two

The crises Obama inherited have passed. But to push his new agenda, he’ll have to tackle thorny budget and debt issues constraining the economy.
Posted In: Barack Obama

U.K. prime minister prepares big speech on Europe

U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron will give a major speech tomorrow that sets the tone for his country's future relations with the European Union. Many in the U.K. want more decisions made in London and fewer in Brussels. Is the U.K. on the way out of the EU?
Posted In: United Kingdom, U.K., david cameron, European Union

Atari declares bankruptcy

The legendary video game company could be facing the end after years of sagging business.
Posted In: atari, video games, bankruptcy

More students finish high school

The trend could be a boon for the economy.
Posted In: high school, graduation, Education

Literary voices: Why 'hope' isn't always a good thing

Writer Jeffrey Eugenides on the notion of hope, four years after Barack Obama used it in his presidential campaign.
Posted In: hope, writing

Dow, S&P at five-year high; VIX drops to five-year low

Two of the major stock indices closed at five-year highs today, while the CBOE Volatility Index drops to its lowest since April 2007.
Posted In: Dow, S&P, market volatility, VIX, stock market

For now, no more daily gun deals on Groupon

A month after the school massacre in Connecticut, the daily deal site pulled all offers related to guns, including firing ranges and firearms training.
Posted In: guns, groupon

Donated deer meat falls at Georgia food banks

Tough economy has more hunters keeping more of their take for themselves.
Posted In: donations, food banks, venison, deer, meat, hunting

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