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Coca-Cola has been accused for years of contributing to the obesity epidemic, but its new ads suggest it wants to join the fight against fat. School bus drivers in New York are going on strike tomorrow in hopes of getting more job security. Dan Bobkoff reports that in the eyeglasses industry, more competition could drive down prices in the foreseeable future. The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, has partnered with Khan Academy to bring free education to Spanish speakers. One entrepreneur is starting a private navy in hopes of warding off pirates in the Indian Ocean. And commentator Nicholas Carr talks about the transformation of the search engine.

The digital age has changed what it means to 'search'

As more sites look to monetize web search functions, a commentator questions what it means 'to search.'
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Coke fights a new consumer battle: Obesity

Sugared drinks are under attack for contributing to obesity, especially among children. Coke's new campaign acknowledges the concern.
Posted In: Coca-cola, Coke, advertising, obesity

Warby Parker tries to re-focus eyeglass industry

Warby Parker sells quality glasses for $95, using in-house design and online sales to undercut high price mark ups by big players like Luxottica.
Posted In: eyeglasses, glasses, Warby Parker

Mexico's Carlos Slim funds Khan Academy in Spanish

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, wants to fund the translation of online Khan Academy classes into Spanish. He believes this will widen educational opportunity in Mexico.
Posted In: Carlos Slim, Khan Academy, Mexico, spanish, Education

Tackling piracy with a private 'navy'

Pirates are no longer a relic of the distant past. Many ships have been attacked in the Indian Ocean by modern Somali pirates. One entrepreneur is now offering private protection vessels to shipping companies. He says these may be more effective than national navies.
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Facebook launches search for people, photos, places and interests

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of a new, seemingly obvious feature: search. With one billion users and a lot of data, Facebook has a private trove to mine.
Posted In: Facebook, online privacy, Graph Search, search

Walmart promises to hire vets: What are the challenges?

Even with big promises from major employers such as Walmart, the employment of returning military poses challenges.
Posted In: Walmart, Jobs, veterans

New York City school bus drivers prepare to strike

If drivers walk off the job, more than 150,000 students could be looking for a ride to school.
Posted In: bus driver, school bus, bus, New York City, strike, labor

Alleged mobster says he knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen in 1975, and now a convicted mobster says he's "certain" he knows where Jimmy Hoffa's body is buried.
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