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In the latest installment of our series on the future of TV, Jennifer Collins reports from CES on the coming changes in how we watch and what we'll see. The number of SEC filings rose by 4 percent last year. Marketplace's Heidi Moore breaks down the business of private equity. The CEO of WebMD Health resigned today, and sweets-maker Hostess filed for Chapter 11. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is in China to try and get leaders there on board for sanctions against Iran. And a new book asks "Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?"

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Can you pass Marketplace's interview test?

Find out how well you would fare answering some of Marketplace's newly-designed interview questions.

So, are you smart enough to work for Google?

Today's job interviews are nothing like those in the past. Author William Poundstone examines the kinds of new interview questions that are asked at corporations like Google.
Posted In: Google, Jobs, interview

Geithner asks China for help with sanctions on Iran

The U.S. treasury secretary wants China to impose sanctions, but may find the Chinese -- big buyers of Iranian oil -- in no hurry to make up their minds.
Posted In: Iran, China, Oil

Twinkies baker files for bankruptcy protection

Hostess heads towards Chapter 11 for the second time in eight years. What does the future hold for iconic brands like Twinkies and Wonder Bread?
Posted In: Hostess, Twinkies, Wonder Bread

SEC received over 650,000 filings in 2011

Up 4 percent from 2010. More filings mean more information is disclosed by companies. But is it necessarily a better thing?
Posted In: SEC

The Future of Television: The way we watch

As TVs get smarter and viewing goes mobile, there's a battle on to bring entertainment to every screen.
Posted In: television, Internet, cable TV, tv

Medical website WebMD falls ill financially

WebMD’s chief executive resigns as the once-profitable medical reference website sees advertising revenue decline.
Posted In: Health, webmd

Private equity hits the political spotlight

Mitt Romney’s role as founder of Bain Capital has prompted rivals to criticize him for destroying jobs. What exactly do private equity firms do?
Posted In: private equity, Mitt Romney, 2012 election

How do you get your Twitter account verified?

Apparently, it doesn't necessarily take being very important or famous.
Posted In: Twitter

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