Marketplace for Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

Treasury plans to measure lending

The Treasury Department has invested billions of dollars in bailout money to more than 250 banks. Today it opened up the bailout money to 3,000 small community banks. Now the Treasury plans to compare lending levels between banks that got government money and those that didn't. But will it work? Steve Henn reports.

Can Obama control his team's egos?

President-elect Obama has taken a "team of rivals" approach in selecting people to serve in his cabinet. Can they work together in support of his goals? Commentator Dan Drezner says it depends on Obama's leadership style.

Macau casinos out of luck in recession

The tiny Chinese territory of Macau is home to the biggest casino in the world, which has thrived on high rollers. But as the markets have collapsed, Macau's growth has come to a standstill. Scott Tong reports.

Stanford to explore new energy sources

Stanford University has received a gift of $100 million from alumni to create a new energy institute. As Janet Babin reports, in these tough times the only road to innovation may be through the private sector.

Health insurer's database gets overhaul

In a settlement with the state of New York, UnitedHealth Group has agreed to overhaul its database system to ensure that patients using out-of-network physicians are fully reimbursed. The settlement may have a major impact on other insurers as well. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Is lumber industry going under?

Lumber mills and timber companies are losing money as the recession hits the homebuilding business. Scott Jagow speaks with Andrew Miller, CEO of Stimson Lumber Company, about the decline of the timber industry and how it's affecting the Northwest, where lumber is big business.

Credit markets show signs of life

Signs point to the credit markets finally loosening up. Scott Jagow speaks with financial analyst Peter Cohan about why the credit markets may be improving.
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Bernanke looks to create 'bad banks'

To further strengthen the financial system, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is proposing a plan to create "bad banks" to buy up bad assets in exchange for cash or equity. What's a "bad bank"? Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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