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The U.S. is now 81 percent self-sufficient when it comes to energy. Congress passed legislation that will open up more of the sky to unmanned aircrafts. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified to the Senate today on his outlook for the economy. What happens to a super PAC whose candidate pulls out of the race? Health reporter Gregory Warner explores the problems with hospital readmissions. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Patricia Cohen about her new book on the middle age.

Inventing the economic industry of middle age

In the 1920s, an entire industry devoted to denying age and inviting youth emerged. The "midlife industrial complex," as author Patricia Cohen describes it, created a culture that pressures middle-aged adults to pass as young.
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Citigroup to offer credit cards in China

Banking giant Citigroup is to become the first global bank to issue its own credit cards in China. Debit cards are much more common there.
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Rethinking hospital readmissions

Starting this fall, hospitals that readmit the same patients over and over in a short period of time will be fined. That has medical providers looking for better ways to keep people healthy when they're off hospital grounds.
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Drones get the drop on us

They aren't just for the military anymore. Within the next few years, the skies could be full of private drones -- searching for everything from real estate to Britney Spears.
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Super PACs live on after campaigns die

The end of a political campaign does not mean the end of a super PAC. In fact, candidates who pull out of a race have no claim to the unused cash, and PAC staffers can use this so-called zombie money however they want after the candidate drops out.
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U.S. surprisingly close to energy independence

America produces 81 percent of its own energy, mostly with oil, gas and coal. But don't celebrate our energy independence just yet.
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Bernanke stands firm on low interest rates

How does Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke know the economy will need low interest rates through 2014? He doesn’t, but we listen anyway.
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Glencore, Xstrata to form commodities giant

The merged trading and mining company would create a soup-to-nuts commodities giant that could impact prices of everything from, yes, soup to nuts.
Posted In: merger, Mergers and Acquisitions, Xstrata, Glencore

Consumer borrowing rises again

A borrowing consumer is a confident consumer. But it's not all good news.
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