Marketplace for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Microsoft hired a CEO today, after 6 months debating: Insider or outsider? It’s a decision that many companies wrestle with, raising questions of expense, innovation, familiarity and more. Next, the markets have now fallen about 8 percent, and we take a look at the concept of "correction." What does it take to make a "correction" officially? Plus, how the Affordable Care Act could shrink the workforce. The Congressional Budget Office's newest numbers suggest folks will stop working, while others will work fewer hours. And finally, tech companies are signing on to President Obama’s push to connect all school children to the internet, offering $750 million in hardware, software and internet access. What do these companies stand to gain?

When flirting makes you more loyal

A Harvard Business School study says so.
Posted In: Coke, Pepsi

Satya Nadella and Bill Gates: Microsoft's Batman and Robin?

Marketplace Tech Report Host Ben Johnson talks about what's next for the tech giant
Posted In: Microsoft, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, bill gates

Sneakers on the runway

This Fashion Week, gym wear goes couture
Posted In: Fashion Week, Kate Betts, sneakers

Microsoft's great debate

Satya Nadella takes the helm of the tech giant,
Posted In: Microsoft, Microsoft CEO

What exactly is a market correction?

The markets have fallen about 7 percent. So now what?
Posted In: stock market, correction

Why the FCC pays for landlines but not broadband Internet

The FCC is about to revamp the program that buys broadband access for schools

How Obamacare will shrink the workforce

The Congressional Budget Office says some folks will stop working altogether, while others will work fewer hours
Posted In: congressional budget office, Affordable Care Act

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