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As many Americans head to the polls next week for Super Tuesday, we look at just how much the economy does -- or doesn't -- affect elections, and the economic issues that have impacted recent presidential races. We continue our coverage from the new Wealth and Poverty desk by exploring the middle class in America. And we look at why NASCAR should thank the rain, the business of reality TV casting, and a good reason why you should name your kid something simple.

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Voices of Wealth and Poverty: In the Middle

Courtney Kimsey and Jacqueline Byers, in their own words, on how their families manage on the median American income.
Posted In: middle class, wealth gap

Reality TV: The casting process

'Dancing With the Stars' unveiled its latest slate of cast members today. Which got us thinking, how is a reality television show cast? Robyn Kass, the casting director behind 'Big Brother,' 'Survivor,' and 'The Bachelor,' explains.
Posted In: Entertainment, reality tv, television, dancing

The future of low-cost borrowing

The Federal Reserve's policy of low interest rates allows the government to borrow money at little cost. But analysts predict it's just a matter of time before interest rates shoot back up.
Posted In: borrowing, interest rates, U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve

A simpler name helps you get ahead

A new study shows that people with easier to pronounce names may be more likely to get ahead in the workplace.
Posted In: office, lawyers, study

Sales of manufactured goods falter

Durable goods, ranging from computers to refrigerators to planes, fell in January. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the economy is sputtering.
Posted In: durable goods, manufacturing, economic indicator

Rain, fire, Twitter make winning formula for NASCAR

A tweeting driver and rain delays help boost the profile of NASCAR at the Daytona 500.
Posted In: NASCAR, Twitter, social media

The economy and elections: Ghosts of the past

We look back at three big economic issues that have swayed elections in recent memory.
Posted In: elections, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan

Economic indicators that impact elections

With Super Tuesday a week away, we wanted to know which measures of the economy are the ones to watch.
Posted In: economic indicators

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