Marketplace for Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Marketplace for Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vacant retail spaces get creative re-use

With more retail stores closing in this recession, property owners are left with a lot of vacant space to fill. Some are finding creative ways to do so. Tamara Keith reports.
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Business franchises defaulting big time

In this downturn, franchisees are defaulting on loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration in record amounts. That could have a huge impact on franchise lending in the future. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Letters: Housing crisis, banks, gadgets

Kai Ryssdal reviews your thoughts on stories about the housing crisis, bank bailouts, big numbers and small gadgets.
Posted In: Housing, Science

Big Easy's economy is looking up

New Orleans residents can celebrate more than Mardi Gras. The city's economy is doing pretty well because of the tourism and construction industries. Will it last? Kate Archer Kent reports.

Did math formula cause financial crisis?

When math wizard David X. Li invented a formula to price collateral debt obligations, many on Wall Street adopted it. But now the formula's being blamed for spurring the collapse of the financial sector. Kai Ryssdal discusses the formula with Felix Salmon, who wrote about it in Wired magazine.

AmEx pays cardholders to end accounts

American Express is paying some cardholders $300 to cancel their accounts to avoid the risk of more defaults. Is this the beginning of a new trend? Janet Babin reports.

Markets aren't always good forecasters

Many people look at the major stock market indices as leading economic indicators. But as Jeremy Hobson reports, the volatile stock markets aren't always indicative of what's going on in the economy.
Posted In: Economy

AIG may seek government help, again

Struggling insurance giant AIG is seeking more help from the government as it prepares to reveal a fourth-quarter loss of $60 billion. But what happened to the $150 billion in bailout money it already received? Steve Henn reports.

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