Marketplace for Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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The President announced new EPA targets today regarding fuel efficiency for heavy-duty trucks. It’s part of his much-talked-about strategy of going around Congress to get things done. But given how ambitious these new goals are, it raises the question of how much power the administration has to go around an industry in requiring new rules. Next, IPO wannabe King Digital Entertainment has made a lot of money out of peoples’ impatience: its top offering,  Candy Crush, is free to play, but it makes money from impatient players who want to buy shortcuts in the game - a dubiously sustainable business model. Finally, loan applications for home purchases have slipped in recent months. One reason:  student loan burdens have grown, which keeps would-be first-time home buyers out of the market.

Economic eyes again turn to the Baltic Dry Index

Should we be fretting that the Baltic Dry Index is tanking again?
Posted In: Baltic Dry Index

The USDA is catfishing catfishes

Catfish farmers hope USDA will get around to regulating them.
Posted In: catfish, USDA

Meet Sylvia Day: The steamy baroness of book deals

Romance novelist Sylvia Day is making millions, and she's doing it her way.
Posted In: Books, authors, romance, ebooks

Where President Obama "shops"

The President announced ambitious new EPA targets today -- at a Safeway.
Posted In: EPA, President Obama

Chicago's winter and a commuter-rail system in trouble

Delayed trains left commuters standing in icy winds, and revealed an accident waiting to happen.
Posted In: polar vortex, Chicago, public transportation

Why student loans affect the housing market

The percentage of homes sold to new homeowners slipped. One reason: student loans.
Posted In: student loan debt, housing market

Practice patience to avoid paying for Candy Crush

King Digital Entertainment has made a lot of money out of people's impatience.
Posted In: Candy Crush, games

Marking the birth of modern astronomy

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Posted In: Copernicus

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