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President Obama will give his State of the Union speech tonight. North Korea tests another nuclear weapon, but how can the impoverished country afford to be a nuclear state? Leaders of the International Olympic Committee have dropped wrestling from the 2020 games. Dan Gorenstein takes a look into the profits made by stores that cater to doomsday preppers and bad weather survivalists. Author Jess Walters talks about his new series of stories that delves into the recession-era America. And Sylvester Monroe reports from Chicago, on the eruption of violence in the city.

2013 State of the Union Address: An annotated transcript

We read between the lines of President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address in this annotated transcript
Posted In: State of the Union

Down for the count: Olympics drops wrestling

Wrestling, whose Olympic roots date from ancient Greece, will be dropped after the 2016 games. What ripple effects will that have on the sport?
Posted In: Olympics, wrestling, Sports

With a $1 billion economy, North Korea can easily afford nukes

Thanks to the sale of underground goods, the country can devote a third of its resources to developing its military and weapons programs.
Posted In: North Korea, nuclear

The self-reliance movement goes mainstream

With the world looking a lot more fragile, more people are taking their survival into their own hands -- and garages.
Posted In: survivalist, Hurricane Sandy, natural disasters

What to expect from wedding websites

Commentator Beth Teitell on the new era of wedding wed-sites.
Posted In: wedding, marriage

Jess Walter on the art of being underwater

Jess Walter's new book of short stories "We Live in Water" chronicles those who are down on their luck.

What happened to last State of Union's promises?

President Obama called for investing more in the nation's infrastructure, but some projects take a long time to start and others are blocked by Congress.
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Is there a link between housing policy and violence?

Experts say public housing policy is just one factor in the violence that troubles Chicago's poor neighborhoods.
Posted In: Chicago, public housing, gun violence

Tim Cook visits Apple stores when he's depressed

"It's like Prozac or something," the Apple CEO said today at a Goldman Sachs technology conference.
Posted In: apple, tim cook

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