Marketplace for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Behold the new Era of Good feelings on Capitol Hill? Well, maybe not quite. The latest on the state of play, as well as an assessment of whether the government has finally managed to get out of its own way and create the certainty that markets, investors and business leaders say they need. Also: The College Board's AP tests have become a highly successful product line -- more students are taking the tests, which don’t come cheap. Finally, New York may be the first state to ban microbeads used as scouring devices in facial creams and toothpastes, catching up to studies showing the beads are entering the aquatic food chain because they’re too small to be filtered out by water treatment systems. Some companies have pledged to switch to natural materials.

Goldfish have longer attention spans than Americans, and the publishing industry knows it

Book publishers are taking a page from Netflix's binge-watching-centric business model
Posted In: netflix, binge watching, television, Books, reading

Kraft takes artificial preservatives out of its singles

And your grilled cheese sandwich will never be the same
Posted In: Kraft, American cheese, cheese, Food

Freelancers: From 'hustlers' into 'heroes for hire'

As more and more Americans work freelance jobs, a new industry emerges to meet their needs
Posted In: freelance, temp work

Healthcare teams 'wrapped around' patients

Making primary and specialty care for the poorest - and sickest - patients accessible
Posted In: primary care, doctors

More students are taking AP exams, which don’t come cheap

The percentage of high school graduates who have taken AP tests have doubled.
Posted In: AP tests, college board, college admissions, high school

A closer look at the penny. (A really close look).

Marketplace Datebook for February 12, 2014
Posted In: penny, U.S. mint

Tesla's 'fair price' China strategy - will it work?

In China, foreign automakers typically markup the prices of their luxury vehicles by more than 100 percent, just because they can. Tesla has a different strategy.
Posted In: China, tesla

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