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Looking back, 2011 was the year that gave rise to the people. Housing prices, though, continued to fall, while music sales had a surprisingly good year. Sears and Kmart are closing more stores around the country. The controversial practice of fracking moves into the suburbs. Congress lets 100-watt incandescent light bulbs live a little longer. Commentator Jennifer 8 Lee talks about the end of the book alongside the rise of downloads. And Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses why friends don't let friends walk drunk.

The disappearing book

You'll see a lot of top ten lists this week, including one for books. But are those page turners about to vanish?
Posted In: What Now?, Books, e-books

Latest housing figures close a bleak year

Latest figures from S&P Case-Shiller show home prices falling in most major U.S. cities. The statistic reflects a grim year for the housing sector.
Posted In: Housing

What's the average citizen's share of U.S. debt?

The White House is looking for another increase of the debt limit, which would bring the grand borrowing total to more than $16 trillion.
Posted In: debt ceiling

Friends don't let friends walk drunk

We all know that drunk driving kills. But research shows, so does walking drunk.
Posted In: drunk walking, drinking

'Fracking' moves to the suburbs

As new technology allows drilling in unexpected places, oil and gas operations are moving into populated areas.
Posted In: fracking, natural gas, colorado

2011 in review: The rise of the people

From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street protests, discussions over income inequality took center stage this year -- and they aren't dying down anytime soon.
Posted In: Tahrir Square, Egypt, Occupy Wall Street, income inequality

Music sales up this year

What 2011's moneymakers reveal about the future of the music industry.
Posted In: Music

Easy-Bake Oven: The light bulb wars hit home

It takes more than a compact fluorescent to make cookies. How a childhood favorite could suffer from the new light bulb laws.
Posted In: light bulbs

Sears, Kmart to close stores after dismal holiday

Sears and Kmart plan to eliminate as many as 120 stores. Analysts wonder if their hedge fund owner really understands the retail biz.
Posted In: Retail, Sears, Kmart

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