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Toys R Us is staying open for 87 straight hours for last minute shoppers. Also, do people with birthdays on Christmas really get fewer presents? Marketplace’s Adriene Hill went in search of the answer. Plus, it’s been a monster year for companies going public, and that means this holiday season the newly-rich employees of those companies will have to manage their friends and families gift expectations. Finally, Ukraine, one of Europe's biggest countries, has been courted by east and west - the European Union offered Ukraine an historic free trade deal,  Russia wants Kiev to join ITS economic bloc. 

What's Toys R Us like at 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve?

Many stores were open continuously for several days leading up to Christmas.
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Post-Twitter IPO: "Suddenly everyone thinks you’re Santa Claus"

Things can get a little awkward this time of year for the newly-rich, as certain friends and family members raise their holiday gift expectations.
Posted In: IPO, Twitter

Stamp prices tick up ... again

Regulators said first-class postage stamp prices will increase $0.03 next year.
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Stockbrokers go wild in 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Are moviegoers ready to laugh with Wall Street five years after the recession?
Posted In: movies, Martin Scorsese

Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas!

Instead of a rousing surprise party, and everyone singing for you ... you get your neighbors' earnest caroling.
Posted In: gifts, Christmas, birthdays

No banks have opened in 3 years ... until now

After years of no banks opening, the first one opened its doors a few weeks ago--but this isn't your ordinary bank.
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Ukraine: Protests in cities, outrage in villages

This past weekend, somewhere near 100,000 demonstrators took to the streets of the capital city, Kiev.
Posted In: ukraine, Kiev, EU

$40 million fund for victims of Bangladesh garment tragedy

Families of victims of the fire, and survivors, could receive an average of $25,000 from a new compensation fund. How far does that go in Bangladesh?
Posted In: Rana Plaza, garment factory

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