Marketplace for Tuesday, December 21. 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, December 21. 2010

Why retailers might be out-of-stock of your gift

Searching for that last-minute gift? You might find those store shelves empty. Retailers, in anticipation of low shopping numbers, ordered less stock this year, just to play it safe.
Posted In: Retail

Net neutrality rules could still allow for advantages

The FCC voted on new rules for net neutrality today, prohibiting unreasonable discrimination on the Internet. But as Janet Babin reports, there still might be enough loopholes to allow advantages.
Posted In: Internet

What the census says about the U.S.

The official numbers from the 2010 U.S. Census were released today. Mitchell Hartman takes a look at what the results say about the U.S. as a whole.
Posted In: Immigration

Lack of federal funding makes laws difficult to implement

Federal agencies figure out how to implement legislation once they've been passed by Congress. But the lack of funding for agencies will mean that laws, like health care reform, may not be carried out properly.

Tech apps for tots

It may be hard to hand over your pricey smartphone or tablet computer over to someone who may not understand what "that phone is very expensive" means. But there's a growing market out there for phone and computer apps for young children.

A look at the roots of the U.K.'s social welfare system

A wealthy social reformer took a hard look at poverty in York, England over a hundred years ago. Marketplace's Stephen Beard took a trip to York to learn about how Seebohm Rowntree changed the quality of living of the poor in the city.
Posted In: Jobs, Retirement

The imaginary world of 'Catalog Living'

Actor and comedian Molly Erdman talks about her popular website,, which imagines a fictional world based on photos from furniture catalog. Listen to the interview and view a slideshow of some of her favorite images.
Posted In: Entertainment

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