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AT&T has dropped its bid to buy T-Mobile. Kai talks to small business owners about how the payroll tax cut extension may affect them. A new website brings online learning into the classroom. Nonprofit hospitals receive tax breaks for charitable care, but it turns out most only spend 2 percent of that on actual charity cases. New home construction was up in November. Comedian Marc Maron reflects on holiday gifts. And we look at the past and present of Kodak.

Comic holiday relief: Be nice about your gifts

Marc Maron, comedian and podcast host of WTF, shares his insights on buying and receiving gifts.
Posted In: Comedians on the holidays

Housing construction up in November

Builders are as busy as they've been in a year-and-a-half. Some of those homes aren't the typical house though -- they're being built for multi-generational families.
Posted In: Housing

Decline of Kodak offers lessons for U.S. business

The once-mighty camera film company suffered when cameras became digital and its home base lacked the skills to reconquer the market. American businesses need to preserve and foster relevant skills.
Posted In: kodak

Not-for-profit hospitals?

The name implies health care for the poor in exchange for tax breaks. But it turns out it's not that simple.
Posted In: Health, health care, nonprofits

LearnZillion does a number on classrooms

The online video service offers teachers hundreds of instructional math videos, for free. But what about the human touch?
Posted In: Education

AT&T-T-Mobile deal too big to go through

AT&T used all its lobbying muscle to get this deal approved. But regulators and market realities got in the way.
Posted In: AT&T, T-Mobile

A trillion YouTube views in 2011

This year on YouTube, we collectively watched a trillion videos. Which was the most popular?
Posted In: YouTube, rebecca black, video, 2011

Small businesses on the payroll tax cut

As Congress continues to debate over the payroll tax cut extension, we ask small business owners about how the decision might affect them.
Posted In: Small Business, payroll tax

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