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A new study shows the number of children living in homes where neither parent has full-time year-round work has jumped sharply after the recession. The British bank Standard Chartered is being accused of illegally hiding secret transactions with Iran. A report reveals 15 percent of Mitt Romney's Twitter followers are from fake accounts -- is there a business there? The Waldorf Astoria in New York City is housing thousands of bees on its roof. Commentator Robert Reich contemplates what would happen if all Americans got extended vacation, and reporter Eve Troeh explores what's happened to the traditional family resort in recent years.

U.S. proves popular for money laundering

Standard Chartered denies passing Iranian funds through the U.S. But after other laundering cases, why is the U.S. popular for cleansing money?
Posted In: Banks, money laundering, Standard Chartered

Mandatory, extended vacation is good for the economy

Congress is off on vacation until Labor Day. Robert Reich says a mandatory three weeks off would be good for all of us -- and the economy, too.
Posted In: vacation, summer vacation

Bees check in at the Waldorf

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York is raising 300,000 bees on the roof. It's part of a plan to get younger guests buzzing.
Posted In: bees, hotels

Looking behind the statistics of child poverty

A new review from the Annie E. Casey Foundation says the number of children living in homes where neither parent has full-time year-round work has jumped sharply after the recession.
Posted In: poverty

Unemployment workers face layoffs

As more people find work where there are jobs to be found, fewer workers are needed in state unemployment offices.
Posted In: Unemployment, Jobs, layoffs, unemployed

Not so bright idea: Fake Twitter followers

Mitt Romney's Twitter account had a recent spike in new followers, leading to speculation that his campaign had bought fake followers. Is this really a business?
Posted In: Twitter, fake accounts, social media

Apple-Google split: A divorce made in heaven?

Apple's decision to stop including the YouTube app as a standard part of iOS could be an economic blessing for Google.
Posted In: apple, Google

A summer resort adjusts to new vacation rhythm

Lake Arrowhead was developed nearly a century ago as a mountain summer resort for Southern Californians. The activities are the same, but how and when vacationers come to the resort has changed.
Posted In: vacation, summer vacation, Travel, tourism, Lake Arrowhead

Funny Or Die's KFOD investigates the fall of beach balls

The beach ball industry was flying sky-high, but now sales are crashing down to earth.
Posted In: beach balls, humor

Kraft says gum sales are struggling

"Gum," the food conglomerate says, "continues to be weak."
Posted In: Kraft, gum

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