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A new report out today says that America's big auto plants are operating at more than 100 percent capacity -- an impressive comeback from just a few years ago. Home prices are going up and even the hardest-hit cities are seeing a rebound. Weather is becoming a major business. The Postal Service has approved a junk mail discount plan. Kai Ryssdal talks to a small business owner in Tampa, Fla., about how the Republican convention is affecting her business. Senior producer of personal finance Paddy Hirsch discusses consumer confidence versus consumer sentiment. And reporter David Gura takes a road trip to see how Florida is faring after the housing boom collapsed.

Florida town rides housing boom, bust

Famed for their citrus groves, Dundee residents take stock of the economy and the upcoming elections.
Posted In: Florida, oranges, 2012 election

Consumer confidence vs. consumer sentiment

Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch explains the difference between consumer confidence and consumer sentiment.
Posted In: consumer confidence, surveys, economic indicators, Money Matters, whiteboard

Tampa's small businesses enjoy convention boost

The Republican National Convention is back on track today, with tens of thousands of visitors in Tampa. What kind of boost do the businesses of the Tampa Bay area get?
Posted In: Small Business, cigars, Tampa community, conventions

Isaac or not, the business of weather is booming

You don't have to turn on the television to find a weatherman. As businesses need to know more about weather and climate, more meteorology graduates go to work for the private sector.
Posted In: weather, Isaac

Stealthy Silk Road website flying high

The secretive online marketplace works just like eBay or Amazon. The only difference is that its merchandise is illegal, and all of its users are anonymous.
Posted In: illegal, Internet, Silk Road, online retail, online shopping, drugs

Home prices up for first time since 2010

News that the S&P/Case Shiller home price index is up from last year may be the first solid sign of a long-awaited housing market recovery.
Posted In: Housing, real estate

U.S. auto companies make big comeback

The major Detroit automakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler, are all operating their factories at 100 percent capacity, according to a new report by the Detroit News.
Posted In: Auto, Detroit

Hate junk mail? You might have to get used to more

Deal between postal service and direct mail provider could mean more ad circulars in your mailbox.
Posted In: junk mail, Postal Service, mail, coupons

Guess what was banned at Aflac's dinner at the RNC

Aflac, the insurance company, was throwing a party down in Tampa at the GOP convention -- with a key dietary restriction.
Posted In: Aflac

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