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President Barack Obama is reportedly exploring a range of options to "deter and degrade" Syria's military capabilities. After a new report of chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime, international pressure has ratcheted up for some show of force in the region. But each and every option on the table has costs. Meanwhile, in Washington, the Treasury Department says the U.S. will hit its debt limit, and run out of money, sometime in October. You know how much is in your wallet and your bank account, how much your paycheck is, how much more you can charge on your card. Why can't the federal government? And finally, consumer confidence increased in August, outpacing economists’ predictions, as the markets continue to perform well and the housing market improves. 

My first job: The local grocer

A listener recalls why she was let go from her first job at the neighborhood grocery store.
Posted In: My First Job

Shipping index shows signs of growth in China

A key shipping index is up dramatically in the past several weeks, thanks largely to demand from China's steel industry. But analysts say it's only a small window into the industry.
Posted In: commodities, shipping

Grandfather, son, grandson reflect on economic equality

Since the March on Washington 50 years ago, how much has changed? We asked three generations of black men to talk about their economic opportunities.
Posted In: March on Washington, equality, Martin Luther King Jr.

U.S. intervention in Syria likely has a time limit

President Obama has not made a final decision on military intervention in the country, but senior American officials say that missile strikes could be ordered as early as Thursday.
Posted In: syria

Louisiana alligator hunters set to reel in profits

For the next month, it's open season on wild alligators in the Bayou State, and it's big business for hunters and luxury fashion houses like Hermes and Gucci.
Posted In: luxury, alligator, hunting, Louisiana

Of poverty and sacrifice in Haiti

Edwidge Danticat's new novel, "Claire of the Sea Light," describes the economic difficulties of life in Haiti, even before the 2010 earthquake.
Posted In: Haiti, slavery

Consumers are confident? You've gotta be joking ...

Consumer confidence increased in August, outpacing economists’ predictions.
Posted In: consumer confidence

Tough to predict exact deadline on U.S. debt

The Treasury Department says the U.S. will run out of money on some unknown date in October.
Posted In: debt limit, debt ceiling

The Abercrombie & Fitch Chair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Ohio State trustees will vote this week on also renaming its medical school's emergency department after retailer Abercrombie & Fitch.
Posted In: Ohio State, Abercrombie & Fitch

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