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All eyes are still transfixed on the Apple-Samsung patent trial, and now the case is in the hands of a jury. Meanwhile, the Fair Labor Association says Apple's supplier in China, Foxconn, is improving its factory conditions. Some of the world's biggest hotel chains and online travel sites are now being accused of price fixing. David Brancaccio continues our new series, Payday, with a look at how one man set out to learn just how wide the CEO to employee pay gap really is. And Tess Vigeland goes on an LAPD ride-along through the Watts neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Auditor says Foxconn is improving work conditions

Apple hired the Fair Labor Association six months ago to investigate work conditions at its biggest supplier. The FLA today reported big improvements.
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Your paycheck and the CEO's - side by side

Companies resist a law that would compare CEO pay to employees'
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Syria fighting hurts Turkish border city

Overall, the Syrian conflict has been bad for business in the Turkish border city of Antakya -- though some businesses are booming.
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A foreclosure tour from the front seat of a patrol car

Four years into the housing crisis, abandoned and derelict foreclosures -- and the crimes they attract -- keep police busy in one Los Angeles neighborhood.
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Apple versus Samsung headed to a jury

Closing arguments are wrapping up in one of Silicon Valley's most closely watched trials.
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Hotels and online travel sites sued for price fixing

Travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity are accused of fixing the price of hotel rooms with big chains like Hilton and Marriott.
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Check your cultural references against the new Mindset List

It's a compendium of cultural references targeted at professors who may not realize just how out of the times they seem to this year's college freshmen.
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