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Ferguson-Tear Gas
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Lots of police departments in the U.S. have tear gas, which they throw at disorderly civilians. But where does that tear gas come from? And how big a business is it for the companies that produce it? Plus, there’s word this week that Chinese hackers stole records of 4.5 million patients from computers at Community Health systems, one of the largest hospital networks in the Southeast. Healthcare records contain social security numbers, birth dates, addresses - a goldmine of information for identity thieves. Which is likely to make them a big fat target for future hacks. Will they be ready? Many experts say no. 
Community Health Systems

Health records are an easy target for identity thieves

The word is Chinese hackers stole some 4.5 million patient records.
Posted In: data breach, hackers, digital medical records, cybersecurity
Ferguson-Tear Gas

The big business of tear gas, explained

Clouds — and people running from them — appear in images from Ferguson to Cairo.
Posted In: gas, disorders, riots, Ferguson, missouri, protests

Volkswagen brings German-style vocational training to the US

In Germany, more than half of high school graduates go into vocational programs.
Posted In: Volkswagen, cars, vocational training, labor

What are you up to during a conference call?

As your co-workers listen in, they could be emailing, eating or using the toilet.
Posted In: office behavior, conference calls

What can a 4-year-old learn at online preschool?

Now, parents can get an entire preschool curriculum from a computer.
Posted In: preschool, edtech, education technology, LearningCurve
College football

150 years of college football

Love it or hate it, it's a moneymaking cultural institution.

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