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In this economy, it's not uncommon to see homes worth less than what's still left on the mortgage, but now it's happening with cars.  Macy's is unveiling its largest shoe department ever and other departments are following suit. British bank Standard Chartered has agreed to pay $340 million to settle allegations that it was conducting secret transactions with Iranian clients. We hear about a man in Louisiana who set out to repair broken instruments and shattered dreams post-Katrina. Kai Ryssdal talks to Gallup's Frank Newport about how Americans' views on the economy match up with those of Paul Ryan. And we hear from a listener who bribed her two kids to do some summer homework.

British bank settles with New York over Iran funds

Standard Chartered agrees to pay New York state $340 million to settle charges it laundered Iranian money. The bank still faces a federal probe.
Posted In: Standard Chartered, New York

Do Americans' concerns match up with Paul Ryan's?

Paul Ryan is the GOP's momentum changer -- or so they hope. But is he in tune with what Americans are concerned about in this election?
Posted In: Paul Ryan, 2012 election

Shoes are the heart of department stores

Macy's has opened the biggest shoe section in the world. Like other New York department stores, Macy's sees shoes as the hook for women shoppers.
Posted In: Retail, Macy's, shoes

Romney and Ryan -- co-CEOs?

The difference between power sharing at the head of the country, instead of at a company.
Posted In: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, 2012 campaign

New Orleans musician finds niche in instrument repair

The Grammy Award-winning trombonist Stafford Agee is moonlighting as an instrument repairman -- working out of his sweltering garage to make sure New Orleans-area high schoolers have working horns.
Posted In: Music, Small Business, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans

Political lessons from Obama's stimulus

Did the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act do its job and was President Obama successful in selling the stimulus program to the public?
Posted In: economic stimulus, stimulus program, Barack Obama, stimulus

Car buyers borrow more, for longer terms

Banks are willing to lend to buyers with subprime credit ratings again. Now you can be underwater on your car as well as your house.
Posted In: Auto, car, lending, underwater car

Bribing your kids to study: Does it work?

Listener Geri-Ellen Dow heard our Freakonomics segment on paying kids to do better in school, and tried the experiment out on her own son.
Posted In: bribery, School

Math nerds will love today's U.S. population number

Shortly after 2:29 this afternoon Eastern Daylight Time, the U.S. population clock hit 314,159,265.
Posted In: pi, population

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