Marketplace for Tuesday August 12, 2014

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The European Union imposed sanctions on Russia over its activities in Ukraine. The Russians hit back with a raft of bans on European produce on alleged health and safety grounds. With the Russian export market cut off, many European nations are faced with a produce glut and are having to work out how to offload all their unwanted apples, dairy products or meat. Plus, the U.S. has begun providing weapons to Kurdish forces in northern Iraq to help in their battle against ISIS militants. Administration officials would only confirm that guns and other ”light” weapons have been shipped to Kurdish Peshmerga forces. But this wouldn't be the first time arms have been sent to non-state actors. Think Afghanistan. And most recently, Syria. So who provides the arms, who pays for them and how do they get to their intended recipients? Also, Apple is reportedly talking to hospitals about a "health kit" where all your information goes into the cloud. Every big tech company seems to be interested in this space. We explain why. 

Healthkit is a symptom of tech's rush into health care

Apple is talking to hospitals about a cloud-based "health kit".
Posted In: apple, healthcare, hospitals
Russia's embargo

Europe faces produce glut after Russian ban

The EU looks to offload its goods, which are now banned from Russia.
Posted In: Russia, sanctions, European Union
Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighter

The murky world of military aid

The U.S. is helping get weapons to Kurdish forces. But who's paying for them?
Posted In: Iraq, afghanistan, military aid, cia

'Sup: The new Yo?

Novelty apps are turning over at a ferocious pace. What could go wrong?
Posted In: app, social media

Chocolate fried chicken: A taste test

Will white chocolate mashed potatoes displace the cupcake and the cronut?
Posted In: umami, chicken, food trends, ChocoChicken, chocolate

North Carolina weighs the future of filming tax breaks

Some hail state tax breaks for the movie industry, but its future is in doubt.
Posted In: film industry, hollywood, North Carolina, tax subsidy

The Trans-Siberian Railway's long journey

It transformed Russia in the 19th century, and is still the best route to Siberia.
Posted In: Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia, trains

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