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After the JC Penney CEO switchout, we trace the pricing life cycle of an average piece of clothing, from factory to closet. Speaking of failure, the word is viewed differently on each coast: the west coast thinks failure fosters innovation, the east coast sees failure as...failure. How will Fisker's looming bankruptcy be perceived? Plus, Arizona is the second state to start using gold and silver as currency again. Do you have 25 cents in silver for a pack of gum?

Life imitates art in natural disaster and financial crisis

Nathaniel Rich's new book, "Odds Against Tomorrow," explores financial crisis and natural disaster.

JC Penney and what's behind (mark) ups and downs of clothing prices

Ron Johnson's ousting as CEO of JC Penney ends his bid to break retail's cycle of marking products up just to mark them down in sales. Shoppers rejected Johnson's strategy of keeping low prices instead of discounting.
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Is failure good or bad? How you define it can depend on where you live

The Washington perspective is that failure is failure. The West Coast thinks failure leads to innovation. What does that mean for West Coast-based Fisker Automotive, which took stimulus funds from Washington?
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Have change for a gold bar? Arizona moves toward making gold and silver legal tender

Arizona is deciding whether to start making gold and silver legal tender, just after Utah made the move. You won't be paying for groceries in gold coins, but how will it work?
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Fox and Univision threaten move to cable over Aereo's tiny TV antennas

TV executives at major broadcasters won't likely leave the free TV airwaves soon. But a company that grabs their signal and beams it to your iPad or computer has the networks in a tizzy.
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Dallas: You Know You're Wealthy When...

We've been going around the country since the beginning of the year, asking people to finish this sentence: You know you're wealthy, when...
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Italy's electoral circus continues, markets unfazed

No government emerges a month after Italy's last elections, markets seems to approve.
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Boston 'Flab' Party

The year's almost up on the challenge from Boston's mayor for the city to lose one million pounds.
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NCAA barred Louisville men's team from supporting women's team

The 2013 NCAA men's basketball championship team from Louisville were told that going to see Louisville's women's championship game would be "an improper benefit."
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