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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
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Sterling’s made out to be a big deal, buying influence from the likes of the NAACP. In fact, he spreads a modest amount in charitable contributions among dozens of community groups, which in return for a $10,000 check every year are happy to attend his annual charity luncheon and bestow humanitarian awards on him. How central to local philanthropy are donors like Sterling and networks like his? Plus, Texas got a setback today when the Supreme Court ruled the EPA can order states like Texas to cut emissions in order to reduce air pollution in downwind states. But another milestone today was the holding company of Texas’s largest utility declaring bankruptcy. Nearly 10 years ago TSX was taken private in the biggest leveraged-buyout in U.S. history, renamed Energy Future, and loaded with debt, betting on natural gas prices to rise. Along came the financial crisis and fracking, and now Energy Future is the nation’s biggest bankruptcy, bigger than another Texas bust, Enron. Then, Yahoo is jumping into the original content pool with Amazon, Hulu and others by offering LiveNation concerts and a comedy series to viewers. Sabri Ben-Achour reports on what Yahoo’s latest content strategy is and what it might cost the company.
Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines will charge to use overhead bins

The (very) low cost airline reveals its new pricing structure.
Posted In: Frontier Airlines, airline fees

Yahoo's making content of its own

Yahoo is jumping into the original content pool with Amazon, Hulu and others.
Posted In: Yahoo, original content

A Texas-sized bankruptcy for giant Texas energy deal

When Energy Future filed for bankruptcy, its total assets were $36.4 billion
Posted In: TXU, LBOs, KKR
Team owner Donald Sterling

How Donald Sterling won 'humanitarian' awards

Sterling spreads a modest amount in charitable contributions.
Posted In: Donald Sterling
Gangnam Style

The economics of Korean pop

Korean pop is the anthem of rapid cultural and economic reform in Seoul.
Posted In: Korean pop, Gangnam Style

Why the EU and the U.S. target different individuals

Both the U.S. and the EU are imposing sanctions on Russia. But they're targeting different Russians.
Posted In: Russia, sanctions, European Union
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling

Adam Silver, NBA will try to force Clippers' sale

But no matter what happens, owner Donald Sterling will likely walk away with money in his pocket.
Posted In: Clippers, NBA, Donald Sterling

Why some rural patients wait all night to get a tooth pulled

For many low-income, rural Americans, healthcare needs are still not being met.
Posted In: rural America, clinics
George Washington

Weather clear and cool at the first inaugural ceremony

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