Marketplace for Tuesday April 22, 2014

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Manchester United manager David Moyes
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Marketplace’s David Gura sums up the case between braodcasters and the firm Aereo and explains why it threatens to upend the way people consume television. Plus, the world’s greatest football team, Manchester United (which is listed on the NYSE and will report earnings Friday) has sacked its brand new manager after less than a season. David Moyes  performed so poorly, and pissed off shareholders, supporters and players so effectively that he had to go. Why don’t companies move with this kind of alacrity against executives who fail to perform? Sabri Ben-Achour reports. Also, there are reports that Nike is making layoffs in its Fuel Band manufacturing plant, and might be exiting the wearable tech market – but shifting its focus to fitness software instead. We look at where that's going in the ultra-competitive world of wearable tech. Then, CVS says it will take customers’ health insurance payments at its more than 7,000 locations. We explain how much the chain stands to gain and what’s at risk as it diverges from its core business and into payment processing.

Why Roto-Rooter cares how you die

Hospice care is now a $17 billion industry, and everybody is getting in the game
Posted In: hospice
NikeFuel forum

The wearable future from bracelets to mouth guards

Nike is reportedly making layoffs in its FuelBand manufacturing plant, and might be exiting the wearable tech market.
Posted In: iWatch, Nike Fuelband

What's on that dollar bill? Maybe some anthrax

Maybe you want to put down that money now.
Posted In: bitcoin, dollar bill
Manager David Moyes of Manchester United reacts to goal

Fire a failing manager and other lessons from sports

The soccer team Manchester United sacked its manager after less than a season. How does business operate?
Posted In: Manchester United, Sports, soccer, football

Is TV streaming illegal? Aereo and the high court

The Supreme Court heard arguments about the legality of broadcast TV streaming operator Aereo.
Posted In: Aereo, scotus

What do students actually learn in college?

Sarah Lawrence College rolls out its own way of measuring value.
Posted In: college, universities, college rankings

How one Tennessee county kept unemployment so low

Why one resident of Lincoln County, Tenn. says: "We're lucky, I guess."
Posted In: tennessee, South, factories

CVS looks for a slice of the healthcare pie

CVS says it will soon process health insurance payments at its more than 7,000 locations.
Posted In: CVS, pharmacy

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