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It's the day after in Boston and Mark Garrison talks to business owners and workers. A flood of footage from cell phones and other devices are flooding in to law enforcement; we talk to a lab that helps filter through the noise. Across the ocean, the London marathon is scheduled for next week and organizers there say they are on high alert. Plus, housing starts are in. What are the trends in housing?

China's toxic harvest: Growing tainted food in "cancer villages"

China's relentless focus on GDP growth has created unchecked industrial pollution, contaminating the nation's food supply. The story of one so-called 'cancer village' in Yunnan province where residents are dying.
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British authorities review security for London marathon

After the bombings in Boston, authorities in London are looking at their own security arrangements in advance of Sunday's London marathon.
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What's hot in housing trends these days?

Housing starts in March rose at the highest rate in five years. Which begs the question: What kind of house do people want these days?
Posted In: Housing

A global industry all about borders

Elizabeth Becker explores the ever growing industry of travel and tourism.
Posted In: Travel

The day after the Boston Marathon bombings: Small businesses' stories

The story of the Boston bombing through business owners who chose to reopen the day after. For them business is about community, not just money.
Posted In: boston marathon, boston

Sifting evidence from video of the Boston Marathon bombings

How cell phone and surveillance video is gathered and and processed to find clues, and track the perpetrators of the fatal attack in Boston.
Posted In: boston marathon, security, surveillance

Arizona kids line up for free McMuffin on test day

McDonald's franchises in Arizona say they want kids to eat a healthy breakfast to help them ace their statewide standardized tests. The promotion also builds customer loyalty.
Posted In: McDonalds, nutrition, breakfast

American Airlines grounded; economists make Excel mistake

A computer glitch and an Excel mistake each made today's news.
Posted In: American Airlines, economists, Economics

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