Marketplace for Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bonds are hot, but come with risks

Corporate bonds are en mode in terms of investments, but investors desperate for any sort of return are sinking their cash into any sort of bonds, including ones with junk ratings.
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Maritime security industry booms

With Somali pirate attacks on the rise, more shipping companies are opting to get piracy insurance and hire maritime security firms to deal with hostage situations.

Apple loosens app-developer restrictions

Apple announced today that it'll relax is its app-development guidelines and published the apps store review guidelines. This was done in response to developers who criticized the limited technology allowed for app-development and the opacity of Apple's store review process.
Posted In: Law

First-time unemployment claims down

First-time claims for unemployment benefits fell 27,000 from last week to 451,000 -- a two-month low. Is this a sign that the economy is recovering?
Posted In: Jobs

The recession for African-Americans

Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson reports on another recession -- the one hitting African Americans. The recession hit African Americans more acutely, because of factors such as less savings and higher incarceration rates, which deters many from looking for jobs.
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Federal workers overwhelmed by contracts

President Obama proposed a new set of programs and plans to stimulate the economy -- but there aren't enough federal employees to oversee the money and programs from the previous stimulus. Marketplace's John Dimsdale takes a look at the hold up.

Weimar Republic bonds in dispute

An American company is trying to get the German government to make good on bonds that were issued over 80 years ago from the Weimar Republic -- that's a whole lot of interest. But the German government is not budging.

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