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Grey's Anatomy
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The European Central Bank today made a surprise decision to cut interest rates and promote stimulus. Though some say this move comes too late in the day to be much help to European economies, others welcome the cut as a bold move. We look at the ramifications of the decision in Europe and for the U.S. Plus, the days of wild gains in productivity feel like so long ago. There was a huge dip in the first quarter, and revised figures out today show there’s only been slow growth in the last year. We put it into context. Also, facing off against Thursday Night Football… Shonda Rhimes!!! ABC has stacked its prime-time lineup with three dramas by the woman who has changed the look of prime time with her diverse casts. What do Rhimes’ dramas bring, and how’s ABC’s “It’s Shonda Night” strategy likely to work?

Venture capitalists connect with local doctors

How the relationship between doctors and patients becomes a business opportunity.
Posted In: venture capital, primary care, doctors

Hotels jack up fees... and consumers continue to pay

As long as we keep coming back for the cheap rooms, fees won’t be going anywhere.
Posted In: hotels, hotel minibars, fees

Yelp gets a positive review from the courts

The company wins big on extortion claims.
Posted In: Yelp, advertising, lawsuits

How productive are we? It depends on how you look at it.

We've been stuck at around a 1 percent increase for the past few years, but the context has changed.
Posted In: productivity, growth, figures

ABC is betting big on Shonda Rhimes

The network is promoting the showrunner as a star in her own right.
Posted In: football, diversity, abc, television

How to blow off steam – and the driver next to you

Some oil boomtown pickup truck owners make a statement by "rolling coal."
Posted In: trucks, big oil, North Dakota

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