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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon arrived at the U.S. Justice Department building to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder, according to reports. The two sides are discussing how big a settlement the bank will pay to end civil and criminal charges over the mortgage mess. Also, bureaucrats in Washington are drawing up contingency plans if Congress doesn't raise the debt limit -- but how do you prioritize who gets paid, and who doesn't. And finally, Twitter is partnering with the National Football League in an advertising deal. Will this prove to investors that the social network can make money?

Stanford's nanotube computer: 4 reasons for non-geeks to care

The nano-tube computer would make processing faster, cheaper and more energy efficient.
Posted In: nanotubes, stanford

Film 'Inequality for All' takes on the income gap

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich stars in a new documentary about income inequality
Posted In: inequality, Robert Reich

JPMorgan Chase could face $11 billion settlement

CEO Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase are in hot water again.
Posted In: banking crisis, JP Morgan Chase

Post-9/11 GI Bill means a new Greatest Generation

The new GI Bill, signed into law five years ago, boosted educational funding available for veterans who served after 9/11.
Posted In: military, GI Bill

Obamacare faces another delay: En español

The Spanish version of the main health care exchange website won’t be up and running for a few weeks.
Posted In: Spanish language, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, health exchanges

Debt ceiling dilemma: Who gets paid first?

If Congress fails to raise the debt limit, the next question is how to pay the bills.
Posted In: debt limit, debt ceiling

Twitter partners with NFL in ad deal

Will this prove to investors that the social network can make money?
Posted In: Facebook, Jack Dorsey, social networks, NFL

Bill Gates confesses: CTRL-ALT-DEL was a mistake

Gates says he wanted a single button, but the IBM guy wouldn't give it to them.
Posted In: bill gates, Microsoft

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