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News today from the U.S. Census had some possibly hopeful signs for the U.S. economy, including the fact that after years curled up in their parents' dens America's young adults are finally crawling out into the light (and into employment). Plus, what did America really think of Romney's 47 percent comment? Frank Newport and the Gallup poll are here to help us parse public opinion. And commentator Scott Walker explores that ancient dilemma in the age of the cell phone: to text... or not to text?

Bank of America to cut home lending, branches

Bank of America, bloated by national expansion and saddled with bad mortgages, is speeding up its plan to cut 30,000 jobs. The Wall Street Journal says the bank could reach its downsizing goal a year early.
Posted In: Bank of America, too big to fail, job cuts

Taking on teacher tenure

States across the country are trying to make it easier to fire ineffective teachers by changing the tenure process. But some people are still wondering... what does K-12 tenure mean?
Posted In: Education, tenure, teachers

Income level way down the list of presidential predictors

Frank Newport of Gallup drops by to school us on just what factors truly effect how we vote for the president. Spoiler alert: gaffes like Romney's "47 percent" aren't one of them.
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Final note: CBS takes its vitameatavegimin

The secret to CBS' multi-decade success? One word: syndication. And all you do it take a spoonful after every meal. (It's so tasty too. It's just like candy.)
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More young adults strike out on their own

Kids who moved back in with Mom and Dad now finally have the means to leave home, says newly-released Census data.
Posted In: census, young adults, Future Jobs

Marketplace ponders the age-old question: To call... or text?

More people are texing these days, and that's put our self-confessed "text resisting" commentator Rob Walker in a socially tricky spot.
Posted In: cell phone etiquette

Summer ice melt in the Arctic sets yet another record

Shipping across the ice-free Arctic appears closer than ever. The new route will save fuel, but bring emissions and soot directly to the Arctic -- possibly accelerating the ice melt.
Posted In: shipping, Arctic, carbon emissions, global warming

Moving from very poor neighborhoods improves health

Researchers have found that while moving out of poorer neighborhoods improves a person's health and general happiness, moving to a better-off region did not improve families' income.
Posted In: health care, poverty, neighborhoods, urban planning

China on track? The view from the bullet train

As China prepares for its first leadership transition in a decade, Marketplace's Rob Schmitz talks to passengers on China's slowest and fastest trains to find out whether they think country is on the right track.
Posted In: China's Politics, China's Economy

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