Marketplace for Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brits divided on where budget should be cut

The British government will unveil the details of its austerity cuts on Oct. 20. Brits agree that deep cuts are necessary, but they're divided on where the cuts should be made.
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Mexicans were the original frugalistas

It's trendy to be frugal now -- canning your own jellies, altering your own clothes -- but commentator Gustavo Arellano reminds listeners that Mexicans were being frugal long before the recession.

Gulf clean-up keeps locals employed

It'll be a pretty expensive undertaking for oil companies to permanently plug thousands of unused wells in the Gulf, per request of the Interior Department, but at least it'll keep local employed.
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Commodity prices spiking

Cocoa beans to corn, commodity prices are on the rise. This is good news for investors who are looking for another place to put their money instead of the stock markets. But it's bad news for companies, particularly small businesses, who need to figure out how to balance costs and profits.
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What it takes to be a top global brand

Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson talks to the CEO of Interbrand about why some companies made the cut in the company's annual ranking of the top 100 global brands, and which ones fell off.

Job market picking up, but 'too slowly'

Unemployment claims at the state level dropped, perhaps indicating a small recovery. Another sign of the recovery? Increasing competition for top-level managerial positions, which may trickle down to lower-level jobs too.
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Obama taking time with new appointments

Kai talks to Barbara Rehm of American Banker on what's taking the administration so long to fill the positions created by the financial reform bill.

Will U.S. take action against China and the yuan?

The Obama Administration is putting out a lot of tough talk about China artificially undervaluing the yuan, but economists are wondering if anything will be done about it.

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