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In this episode, airline have helped airlines return to profitability, but a dollar earned on fees isn't necessarily the same as a buck made from a flight reserveation. Kenya finds a huge supply of water, and As Tina Brown departs the Daily Beast, we ask what it takes to make it in the conference business.

Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve

Jim Bruce, writer, producer and director of the documentary "Money for Nothing," talks about what he learned making a movie about America's central bank.
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Washington Mutual: The bank just big enough to fail

In her new book, Kirsten Grind details the rise and spectacular fall of Washington Mutual in 2008, and why they haven't been mentioned since.
Posted In: washington mutual, financial crisis

It's confidential, but Twitter's going public

Twitter announced today -- over Twitter -- that it's going public. The news wasn't much of a surprise, but the way in which the company filed papers with the SEC is a bit of a mystery.
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5 years after Lehman, subprime mortgages return

Mortgage lenders fueled the financial collapse by marketing subprime loans to people who couldn't afford them. They disappeared as the housing market crashed, but subprime mortgages could return.
Posted In: subprime, mortgage, mortgage crisis, Housing, home loans

Airline fees reach for the sky

Fees airlines charge for things like blankets and extra bags were up 20 percent last year from the year before. But a dollar doled out for a sandwich isn't always the same as the buck you spend on your seat.
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Milking the conference cash cow

Conferences are notoriously expensive to put on, but several media organizations use them to make serious money. Tina Brown is just the latest media brand to make the leap.
Posted In: Tina Brown, conferences

Kenya finds a lake of liquid gold

Drought-ridden Kenya has found an enormous underground reservoir of water, enough to meet the country's needs for a decade. But expect a bitter fight over this valuable resource, and much hand-wringing by the African country over how best to make it pay.
Posted In: Kenya, water

Russia's PR company gets Putin in New York Times

Ketchum, the PR firm, is American.
Posted In: Vladimir Putin

Crisis confessionals: Feeling the effects of the financial crisis

Commentaries from listeners about when they started feeling the effects of the financial crisis.
Posted In: financial crisis

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