Marketplace for Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Marketplace for Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corporations making political donations through interest groups

This election season, many businesses are donating through outside interest groups. Why not donate directly to their chosen candidate or cause? Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Using smarts to bring businesses on top in web searches

Commentator Susan Athey says a big job gold mine that's being passed over is search engine optimization for businesses.
Posted In: Jobs

For you, my friend, a special price

It's an accepted fact that as a foreigner in another country, you may get taken advantage of. The "foreigner price" may a price you can take or you can always walk away. Not always the case with businesses operating in foreign countries.
Posted In: Retail

Will a soda ban benefit food stamp users and state?

Health and anti-hunger advocates are divided over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to prevent food stamps from being used on sodas and other sugary drinks
Posted In: Food

Companies buying back own stock, instead of hiring

Many companies are sitting on piles of cash. They aren't hiring, so what are they doing with that money? Buying up their own stocks.
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Some courts say computer system doesn't own mortgages

And hence doesn't have the right to issue foreclosure notices. The MERS system, which stores mortgage data electronically, is being scrutinized by home owners who are wondering why their foreclosure notices are invalid.
Posted In: Housing

Too much money can be a problem too

Fort McMurray, Alberta may be the only town that breathed a sigh of relief when the recession came. Fort McMurray is a modern day boomtown that's struggling to keep up with near 10 percent a year growth and the flood of money from the nearby oil sands.
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