Marketplace for Thursday, October 4, 2012

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A day after the presidential debate and people are talking about... Big Bird. Mitt Romney said he wants to stop giving subsidies to PBS, even though he loves Big Bird. We explore what economic class the "Sesame Street" character is in. We also look at Medicare reform and polling data from Gallup. Plus, how much would you pay to promote a post on Facebook? And stories on the impact of sanctions against Iran, crime in the bankrupt city of San Bernardino, Calif., and we check in with a Midwest farmer to see how he's doing after the summer drought.

Things that billions of people use

Facebook has a billion users. What other things are in the 10-digit use territory?
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For a fee, Facebook will promote your posts

Facebook, needing new types of revenue, rolls out a feature that allows users to pay a fee so their posts jump to the top of friends' pages.
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Iran suffers as international sanctions bite

As the European Union prepares to impose a ban on natural gas imports from Iran, the country's currency has already fallen sharply because of international sanctions.
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Medicare: Is it really the 'third rail' of politics?

Some efforts to change the government health care program for seniors has triggered fireworks; others, not so much.
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Poll: How much do you like or trust public opinion polling?

After the first presidential debate on Wednesday, the political polling season is about to kick into high gear. Why polls matter, and why we like them so much.
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Crime vexes bankrupt San Bernardino

San Bernardino is struggling to find its way out of the recession and out of bankruptcy. Crime is one of the biggest problems the city is facing, and there are many competing solutions.
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Midwest rancher recovers from drought

Recent rain in Missouri has helped drought-stricken farmers. Cattle rancher Ken Lenox says the grass is practically jumping out of the ground. Despite the promise of new feed, hay prices remain high, and ranchers are closely guarding what they have.
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'Sesame Street' and the 99%

The puppet cast of the children's TV show "Sesame Street" represents a cross section of Americans -- from the orphan child Big Bird to the independently wealthy Bert and Ernie to the homeless Oscar the Grouch.
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