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The impact of the government shutdown pales compared to a possible government default, and Chicken Little, a.k.a. the U.S. Treasury, launched a salvo by outlining the potential economic harm of political posturing in the debt-ceiling debate. Plus, with national parks closed during the shutdown, a lot of tourists have been left hanging.  A look at what businesses are willing to refund, or postpone – from airlines to whitewater rafting tours. And host Kai Ryssdal speaks with the World Bank president about the global economy and worries that many have about the shutdown risking the elusive "green shoots."

Jimmy Choo shoes: Higher than high-end

Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon on the brand's beginnings.
Posted In: Jimmy Choo, shoes, fashion

Inside the world of China's "shadow banks"

Most small businesses in China can’t get a simple loan from a bank. The practice of 'shadow lending' has grown so fast, it's now estimated to be worth 70 percent of China's GDP.
Posted In: shadow banking

Travel plans canceled because of shutdown? How about a refund?

National parks are closed, so vacations are ruined. Vacations are ruined, so vacationers are asking for refunds -- and sometimes they're actually getting them.
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, national parks

World Bank wants to end poverty by 2030. Possible?

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim talks about the importance of poverty, and how war zones factor into his goal to eradicate poverty.
Posted In: World Bank, Jim Yong Kim

Target puts a bullseye on Walmart's phone-card business

Target takes on its giant rival, and launches its own pre-paid phone service.
Posted In: Target, Wal-Mart, smart phones, Brightspot

When it all falls down: A debt ceiling disaster scenario

The impact of the shutdown pales compared to a fight over the debt ceiling, and a possible government default.
Posted In: government shutdown 2013, debt debacle

TARP, five years later

Five years ago today, the Troubled Asset Relief Program became law.
Posted In: TARP

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