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After the Deepwater Horizon debacle, the Obama administration decided that it would integrate all complex contracts in-house, and have one person coordinate  big projects like that. It hasn’t worked, mainly because the very people who are qualified to do that job, would rather make the big money in the private sector.  Cable television nearly did in TV Guide Magazine. But a few years ago a private-equity firm took it over and remade it. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel is outraged at possible bugging of her mobile phone by the U.S.   European leaders meeting in Brussels will discuss how to respond to allegations of U.S. spying. Possible retaliations include suspending the transfer of  bank data and withdrawal of cooperation on an EU-U.S. free trade deal.

What is the "American Promise"?

A new documentary film chronicles the journey of minority boys through a predominantly-white, private education system.
Posted In: documentary film, Dalton School

American Futures: Welcome to Eastport, Maine

For our American Futures series, Kai & co. head to the easternmost city in the U.S.
Posted In: american futures, eastport

Bankers go to boot camp

USAA goes to unusual lengths to ensure its staff understand their customers.
Posted In: usaa, banking, military, veterans

How rooftop solar and big utilities can co-exist

Rooftop solar installations cut into utilities' revenue, but still use their expensive grid and and rely on them for backup power.
Posted In: solar power, solar cells, sun, climate change

Obamacare: What we have here is a failure to integrate

After problems with the Coast Guard's massive Deepwater acquisition program, the federal government has moved away from hiring outside systems integrators, opting to coordinate big projects in-house.
Posted In: Obamacare, government contractors

TV Guide still exists??? Yep, and it's profitable

Cable television nearly did in TV Guide Magazine. But a few years ago a private-equity firm took it over and remade it.
Posted In: TV Guide, magazines, publishing

German's angry about NSA spying. But what can they do?

At a meeting in Brussels, European leaders are discussing possible retaliations, including suspending the transfer of bank data and withdrawal of negotiations over free trade.
Posted In: nsa, bank data, Edward Snowden, Angela Merkel

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