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As the government shutdown continues, we look at potential deals to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling. We speak with one small business owner to see how she's been affected by the shutdown. Meanwhile, Jenny Craig has helped people shed pounds over the years. But lately its profits have been slim. Now Nestle wants to lose it. Speaking of health, the Obamacare story has hit a new stage: TV and film. Also, a look at a new approach to credit, how to make a career as a short story writer, and and update to the situation in Egypt. 

Markets upbeat as Washington talks

Investors seemed pleased that politicians in Washington were discussing a plan, and that lawmakers from both parties met with President Obama.
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Lean times bring slim pickings for diet food companies

Reports that Swiss food giant Nestle may be looking to sell off weight-loss company Jenny Craig have some pondering the future of diet food companies as online weight-loss apps proliferate and people balk at spending on specialty diet menus.
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Shutdown shakes comfort level of small business owners

Small business owner Olalah Njenga says even if companies can recover quickly from the shutdown, it'll still weigh in the back of owners' minds.
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Foreign aid cut won't have big effect on average Egyptians

The White House has decided to cut some military aid to Egypt. But the impact won't be felt among regular Egyptians.
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Just having a credit record can be an economic step up

The Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco leverages informal lending circles of low-income immigrants, to help borrowers eventually gain access to mainstream bank loans.
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Why is it so hard to make a career as a short story writer?

Alice Munro's Nobel Prize for Literature is unusual in that she was a short story writer, rather than a novelist. How did she manage to make a career as a short story writer?
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Hollywood writes a new storyline for Obamacare

Hollywood Health and Society, part of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center, has created a health care-information pipeline straight to the entertainment industry
Posted In: hollywood, Affordable Care Act, tv

Shutdown stops for no one: Senate's Ohio Clock stands still

The staff of the Office of the Senate Curator that's responsible for keeping the thing wound has been furloughed.
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