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Twitter may be a household name -- but it's not used by everyone in every household. What happens when companies launch a product complex enough that they have to explain to potential users how to wade through it? Also, preliminary third-quarter data today suggest that retailers are stocking up on goods, but consumers aren’t buying them. And finally, the FDA says trans fats is officially bad, and that  poses big challenge to makers of processed foods that depend on them for shelf-life, price and taste.

Hot lead is starting to cool

Gun sales are on the decline, but why?
Posted In: guns, gun sales, FBI, background checks

Phosphorous: Where Morocco is OPEC

The BBC's Justin Rowlatt has a new series that looks at the economics behind chemical elements.
Posted In: phosphorus, Morocco, fertilizer, Agriculture

What bronies have to do with the economy

GDP numbers came in today. They looked good at first glance, but there's a hidden story there. A bad one.
Posted In: GDP, toys, my little pony, bronies

Who shops at RadioShack?

There's a giant name in consumer electronics that's having larger-than-life problems: RadioShack.
Posted In: radioshack, electronics

Twitter IPO drop? Depends on how you look at it

Twitter originally priced its shares at $26.
Posted In: Twitter, IPO

Now small businesses are receiving health insurance cancellation notices

A dental practice in Phoenix learns it's losing its health-insurance policy for the two dentists and 13 employees.
Posted In: ACA, Affordable Care Act, health care, Small Business

Hunt is on for the last surviving trans fats

The FDA says trans fat is officially bad, and that poses a challenge to makers of processed foods that still depend on them.
Posted In: trans fat, FDA, Food

Twitter for dummies

Twitter may be a household name -- but it's not used by everyone in every household.
Posted In: Twitter, social networking

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