Marketplace for Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Digging out from mountain of debt

Karen was a single mom who began stealing from her company to finance her debt. She got caught, but thanks to Debtor's Anonymous she's spent the past 16 years paying back $200,000. Trey Kay shares a cautionary tale about spending money you don't have.
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A family's 360-degree exec feedback

The pressure on high-level executives can be overwhelming at times, and often that stress gets spread around at home. How would you fare if your own family gave you a "job" report? Sarah Gardner reports. (Re-broadcast from Jan. 14, 2004)

Men join Tupperware's party

More men are selling the famous plastic bowls and utensils. Sean Cole talked with one top seller who just couldn't contain his enthusiasm for the iconic brand, and how well he fares in a female-dominated sales force. (Re-broadcast from May 16, 2007)
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Why Italian men won't leave the nest

In Italy, over one-third of men over 30 live at home with their parents. Scott Jagow talks to Rome correspondent Megan Williams about the influence of the country's economic situation and family culture. (Re-broadcast from Oct. 9, 2007)

Helping Scott's mom get 'Organized'

A new magazine debuted in June devoted to the $7-billion business of getting organized. When Scott Jagow heard about this, only one person came to mind: His pack-rat mom, who never seems to throw anything away. (Re-broadcast from June 26, 2007)

Study: Lax retail wireless security

A recent survey of U.S. retail stores found one-fourth of transmissions between handheld devices and store computers were not encrypted. It's an invitation to thieves, who make $10 billion a year in fraudulent charges using stolen credit info. John Dimsdale reports.

Web site spoiling retail saving surprises

Shoppers across the nation will flood to retail stores on Black Friday. But some of the best deals are on the Web -- and one site in particular has some retailers angry, because it's spoiling some savings surprises. Andrew Phelps reports.
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