Marketplace for Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007

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Social networking is here to stay

For a company like Facebook, the community is the business. Commentator Andreas Kluth says before long we'll all be social networking -- just maybe not on Facebook.

Working to make eBay easier and safer

eBay has been a cyberspace powerhouse for more than a decade. But its auction business has slowed. CEO Meg Whitman has been trying to make the site more user-friendly and to clamp down on fraudulent sellers. She talked with Kai Ryssdal in our Conversations From the Corner Office.

Ratings firm sees opportunity in chaos

The big ratings agencies have been criticized for glossing over the risks that were piling up in the credit markets, prompting calls for new regulation. But one ratings firm would welcome a shake-up. Amy Scott reports.

Luxury report card called unsatisfactory

Britain's World Wildlife Fund has ranked 10 luxury brands and found they were C students at best. But the conservation group's study isn't getting high marks, either. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Liquidity crunch spreads to muni bonds

State and local governments say they're having trouble finding investors for their low-interest municipal bonds. That could lead to taxpayers paying higher interest rates on loans to build and maintain local infrastructure. John Dimsdale reports.
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Sears profits go into free fall

Retailer blames 3rd-quarter profit drop of 99% on a warm October that depressed outerwear sales and increased competition. But the company admits it has a lot to improve on. Janet Babin reports.
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Another hit to U.S. oil supplies

Of all the things the oil markets need, a nudge toward more volatility is not one of them. But that's what happened with a pipeline explosion on Wednesday. Two workers were killed and a key route for Canadian crude into the Midwest was crippled. Bob Moon puts the pieces together.
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