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FedEx says it will charge by the size of a package into account when figuring out shipping costs. Bulky but lightweight items  will get more expensive to send. We look at all the ripple effects a change like this can make, everything from how consumers might modify their buying habits to how big shippers like Amazon might consider more efficient packaging. Plus, Janet Yellen feels pretty good about most of the economy, except for housing. Activity in this sector has been disappointing, she said, and many economists agree. We report on what it would mean if the housing market can’t find its mojo. Then, we follow up on listener questions about her story on people who spend time in the “1 percent.”

The nuances of the '1 percent'

A Marketplace report on income inequality garnered a lot of feedback.
Posted In: 1 percent, income inequality
Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen Testifies Before Joint Economic Committee Hearing

If the housing market can't find its mojo...

Janet Yellen feels pretty good about most of the economy, except for housing.
Posted In: recession, housing market, Janet Yellen

Size does matter for FedEx

FedEx is changing its large item shipping rates. Will that change your orders?
Posted In: fedex, Amazon, shipping
Knox Dormitory at Davidson College

Go to college, wash your own clothes. Right?

Davidson College tells students to handle their own dirty laundry.
Posted In: Education, Davidson College, laundry, dorms
Paper books on a table are, of course, on sale.

Why books always seem to have a discounted price

A look at why and how retailers use cheap book prices as a selling point.
Posted In: Books, bookstore, borders

A short history of the billionaire

In his new book of essays, "But Enough About You," Christopher Buckley delves into history's forgotten billionaires.
Posted In: billionaires, humor
Sultan of Brunei

Why the Beverly Hills Hotel boycott could backfire

The so-called Pink Palace could weaken more than the Sultan of Brunei's will.
Posted In: Sultan of Brunei, protests, celebrities

Double charged: The true cost of juvenile justice

How much parents pay when their kids are in trouble with the law.
Posted In: Youth Radio, Juvenile, Double Charged, california

Mother's Day turns 100 (not-so-subtle reminder)

Marketplace Datebook for Friday, May 9, 2014
Posted In: mother's day

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