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Long-term unemployment has been above 40 percent since 2010, and nearly half-a-million people have run out of extended unemployment benefits this year because of Congressional budget-cutting. What happens next? Gallup's latest data reveals that more Americans believe home prices will rise than will go down. The Federal Reserve will be celebrating its centennial with a digital archive. Retailer JCPenney may have to rethink its 'no sales' strategy. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing a plan to ban all super-sized sugary drinks. And Kai Ryssdal talks to U.C. Berkeley professor Enrico Moretti about the importance of geography in the creation of jobs.

When unemployment runs out -- what's next?

More long-term unemployed workers turn to food stamps and other government programs.
Posted In: food stamps, Unemployment

Nearing 100, Federal Reserve crowdsources its centennial

The Federal Reserve is almost 100, and it wants your help in compiling an inventory of its history.
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A majority of Americans believe home prices will rise

Gallup's Frank Newport reveals the data on what Americans think about home prices and the housing market.
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Why geography matters in fixing U.S. unemployment

Location, location, location. Economist Enrico Moretti says in his new book that it's more important than ever to move to areas with highly educated workers in order to find employment.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment, Silicon Valley

What's up, Europe? Ireland votes on EU treaty

It's a gray day in Dublin, as the Irish vote on the European Union's fiscal stability treaty. Will a yes vote really solve Ireland's problems?
Posted In: Ireland, Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe

GM to sponsor English football club Manchester United

It's another out-of-the-box marketing move from the carmaker.
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JCPenney adds sales, after dropping them

JCPenney unveiled a new pricing strategy in January that largely scrapped sales. One bad quarter later, discounts are creeping back in.
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How a New York ban on sugary drinks may affect business

New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban larger-sized soft drinks for health reasons. But a lot of businesses aren't really happy with that plan.
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