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The White House and carmakers have agreed to higher fuel efficiency standards for cars -- and it could still lead to higher gas prices. The average compensation for CEOs rose more than 10 percent last year, according to a report out today. Chesapeake Energy is one of the stars of the North American oil and gas boom, but its stock has dropped 25 percent this month. Unpaid interns increasingly say they're being exploited. And Politico's John Bresnahan talks about the high rate of return Rep. Brad Sherman has on invested campaign money.

Does high stress trigger creativity at work?

Commentator Teresa Amabile says don't count on it.
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Getting bossy with doctors for cheaper treatment

A new study finds financial incentives push doctors to offer pricier elective treatments. But CEOs can push back.
Posted In: health care, doctor

Unpaid interns file lawsuits

The unpaid internship is a common work experience for many college and graduate students. But now some are saying that businesses need to pay up.
Posted In: internship, lawsuits

New fuel standards could lead to higher gas prices

The Congressional Budget Office says the White House plan to raise fuel efficiency could mean more potholes, or higher gas prices.
Posted In: gas mileage, gas prices

Are Americans saving or spending?

Gallup reports on its latest findings: What Americans are doing with their money.
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Big shareholder shakes up Chesapeake Energy

Southeastern Asset Management asserts itself amid potential conflicts of interest by Chesapeake CEO. How far will it push for change?
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As CEO pay rises, shareholders speak up

As general wages stagnate, CEO pay rose 10 percent last year. Shareholders are increasingly challenging the pay packages. Some boards are listening.
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Facebook sets IPO at $28 to $35 a share

Founder Mark Zuckerberg will also sell 30 million of his own personal shares as part of the IPO.
Posted In: Facebook, IPO, Mark Zuckerberg

Rep. Brad Sherman's big return on campaign donations

Many lawmakers invest campaign contributions, but not all make money. Former accountant and Democrat from California Brad Sherman has made over $650,000 on Treasury securities.
Posted In: brad sherman, Investing, campaign contributions

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