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Tyson Foods Makes Offer For Hillshire Brands
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The latest figures show a 1% contraction in the first quarter of this year- the economy's worst performance in three years. But should people despair over a poor GDP figure? Why do we place such importance on the GDP? When it comes to assessing the nation's well-being, can you pretty much choose your indicator? Also, Google release a diversity profile of its work force, showing how male-dominated the company is, with few women and even less blacks and Hispanics. How does this revelation matter for the U.S.'s innovation center? Plus, it suddenly seems that everyone wants a piece of Hillshire Brands, the maker of Jimmy Dean sausages and Ballpark hot dogs. Tyson Foods is out with a $6.1 billion bid, a couple days after Pilgrim's Pride made a $5.5 billion offer. We look at why Hillshire has become a hot property.  

How campus safety could affect college choices

Sexual assault is big a topic among college students, but it may not factor into picking a school.
Posted In: sexual predators, college, college admissions

High-end designers turn to 'alpha-sizing'

Why numeric sizes are giving way to "small," "medium" and "large"
Posted In: vanity sizing, clothing
Tyson Foods Makes Offer For Hillshire Brands

Why does everyone want Hillshire these days?

There's a bidding war for the maker of Jimmy Dean sausages and Ball Park hot dogs.
Posted In: Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, sausage, Food

The Googlers inventing the future: mainly male, white

A lack of diversity in an innovation company can lead to a disconnect.
Posted In: Google, diversity, women in tech

Why the GDP got revised downward

Revised GDP figures showed economic contraction, while other indicators seemed OK.
Posted In: Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Transformer 4

Those big summer sequels may stop, one day

Film critic Wesley Morris says the superheroes are tired.
Posted In: film industry, movies, transformers

Venture capitalists learn to love education

Investors are betting hundreds of millions on the digital revolution in the classroom.
Posted In: onair, venture capital, venture capitalists, education technology, LearningCurve On-Air, edtech
Mint juleps

A cool drink for the end of the week

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