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Twitter has joined the likes of Facebook Apple and other tech giants in offering two-factor authentication. Should we call it "the death of the password?" Maybe.  Also in tech desctruction, iPhone users have spent billions repairing their damaged and cracked screens since 2007. Repair costs aren't getting any cheaper either. Better protect your screens carefully. Plus, President Barack Obama spoke about drones today. Just how big is the domestic drone industry and will it be a boon or bust for jobs?

Preserving fertility for the low price of $50,000

For one woman, $50,000 on a new technology to freeze her eggs was worth the expense.
Posted In: women, family, families

Just ask Klout

Online company Klout, known for ranking people for online influence, is rolling out a search feature that uses those influencers as magnets for consumer questions -- and advertising dollars.
Posted In: Klout, social media, bing, Internet search

A degree in drones (or, unmanned aircraft systems)

The FAA hasn't green-lighted much civilian use of drones yet but when they do, one university is ready with graduates to pilot them.
Posted In: drones

We've spent $6 billion on broken iPhones -- why?

iPhone users have reportedly spent $6 billion since 2007 to repair or replace their damaged phones, and repair costs are only getting more expensive.
Posted In: iPhone, screens, apple

A glimpse into the potential of the drone industry

Drones are a hot topic these days and the industry is heating up to potentially become big. What's the payoff and what other industries might suffer for it?
Posted In: drones, defense

Tapping the trades for good jobs and good money

Trades like plumbing, welding, and metal work are in heavy demand as the construction industry recovers from the recession.
Posted In: plumber, carpentry, trade, electrician

Is two-factor authentication the death of the password?

Finally, there could be an end to the agony of having to remember dozens of passwords as Twitter offers two-factor authentication.
Posted In: passwords, online security

Good years for cicadas have been good years for stocks

According to Marketwatch, cicadas may serve as decent market forecasters.
Posted In: cicadas, alternative indicators

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