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As Sears Canada today posts its steepest fall in quarterly sales in almost five years, we look at why Canada has proved such a difficult terrain for US businesses. Plus, Unilever is selling its Ragu brand to a Japanese conglomerate, the latest passage for the spaghetti sauce that brought Italian cooking into the mainstream in the U.S. We look at the cultural and culinary history of Italian-American food and its banner sauce (which is in fact a marinara, not a ragout). Also, new census figures say 7 of the 15 fastest growing communities in the U.S. are in Texas – places like Cedar Park, Frisco and San Marcos. But that growth doesn’t necessarily translate to wealth. In San Marcos, the median household income is just $26,000, far less than the state median of $49,000.
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Why population growth isn't always an economic boon

New census says seven of the 15 fastest growing communities in the U.S. are in Texas.
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Levi Store

Don't wash your jeans, freeze them.

Two CEOs gave some jean-ous advice Thursday.
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Ragu pasta sauce

Ragu: the way many of us learned to love 'Italian' food

Ragu was heavily advertised in the '60s, bringing red sauce to Americans at large.
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Sears Canada

Oh Canada... the black hole for U.S. stores

Why has Canada proved so difficult for U.S. business?
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Superfood fads: Super distracting for global farmers?

What miracle "superfood" trends mean for developing countries' agriculture.
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What Thailand's political climate means for the economy

In the past, instability hasn't had much effect.
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A day in the life of a payphone

New York City has about 10,000 public payphones. But who's using them?
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Happy 200 millionth birthday, turtles

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