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Tomorrow we’ll learn how many Americans were unemployed in April. Today, we explain what the rate at which Americans quit their jobs says about the labor market. On the web, GM and Mountain Dew have pulled ads perceived to be offensive. Were the ads the result of pressure to make a big, edgy splash; or weak vetting for digital ads; or possibly a more deliberate strategy?

Can black-owned franchises help narrow the wealth gap?

Barriers to minority franchise ownership remain, but some black entrepreneurs are leading the way.
Posted In: African American, Black, Franchise

Jodi Arias trial is a big revenue generator for media

The high-profile prosecution of a Phoenix-area woman has cost taxpayers nearly $1.7 million in legal fees. But local and national media outlets have seen a ratings boost due to the coverage.
Posted In: Jodi Arias, Crime, Law, media, news media

Ending foreign oil dependence won't solve all our energy woes, says Michael Levi

In his new book "The Power Surge," Michael Levi says ending our dependence on foreign oil won't solve all our energy and economic woes.
Posted In: Oil

As Obama visits Mexico, the slippery topic of oil comes up

President Obama visits Mexico today and will hold talks with President Enrique Pena de Nieto. Among the likely topics: Mexico's vast oil and gas reserves. Production could increase with foreign funding, but that is a touchy move in Mexico.
Posted In: Mexico, Oil, trade

The sequester cuts and a steelworker's job prospects

It's been nearly a year since Richard Crowe was laid off from his job as a steelworker. And because of the sequester, his unemployment check was cut 10 percent. But a new job might be in his future.
Posted In: Ohio, manufacturing, steelworker, unemployed, sequester

The risks of making online ads

GM and Mountain Dew have pulled ads perceived to be racist. Were the ads the result of pressure to make a big viral splash, or of weak vetting for digital ads?
Posted In: viral marketing, advertising, online advertising

Why the Fed wants you to quit your job

The rate at which Americans are quitting their jobs is rising. That can be a good sign for the economic and labor market outlook.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment

Would you get a tattoo of your company logo for a raise?

If you work for Rapid Realty in New York City, it's a possibility.
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