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According to the latest Gallup polls, one presidential candidate has a nine-point edge in American opinion of who would best fix the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, it looks like JPMorgan's recent bad bet could be costing the company more than just $2 billion. Pinterest has become the latest social company to get a billion-dollar valuation. The U.S. Census made it official today: minority families are having more children than whites -- and businesses are getting ready. We also hear about the booming economy in Mongolia, how a band is fighting back against Ticketmaster's steep fees and the Euro Challenge competition.

World's fastest-growing economy wary of neighbor

Mongolia saw its economy grow faster than any other country's last year. China has invested heavily in its vast coal reserves, but Mongolia is wary.
Posted In: Mongolia, China

Forget G-8, try the G-Zero

Commentator Ian Bremmer says no group of countries can control the global economy.
Posted In: G-20, global economy, G-8

'Minorities' now more than 50% of U.S. births

Latinos represent a large and growing consumer market. But reaching them poses big challenges.
Posted In: minority, census, Hispanics, Latino community

High schoolers to the rescue -- of Europe

Each year, high school freshmen and sophomores take part in the Euro Challenge, a competition to solve the eurozone's economic woes.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis

Which candidate can better steer the economy?

Gallup's latest polls reveal which presidential candidate Americans believe can best fix the U.S. economy.
Posted In: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, 2012 election

JPMorgan trading loss grows by $1 billion

A week after JPMorgan said it lost $2 billion on complex trades gone bad, the bank reported is another $1 billion deeper in the hole. How's that?
Posted In: JPMorgan

Pinterest joins the billion-dollar club

The social media scrapbooking site is the latest startup to be valued at over a $1 billion. Big money for a company with no profits or business model.
Posted In: Pinterest

Super Bowl ring up for auction

It's the real deal -- former New York Giant Lawrence Taylor puts his Super Bowl XXV ring on the block.
Posted In: Super Bowl

The String Cheese Incident takes stand against Ticketmaster

The band protests Ticketmaster's high fees by scalping its own tickets. Bassist Keith Mosley discusses the message his band is trying to send.
Posted In: ticketmaster, concerts, the string cheese incident

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