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So how do Americans really feel about the rich? Gallup reveals the latest data from its polling. JPMorgan Chase announced after the closing bell today that it had lost $2 billion on, essentially, bad bets. Apple has agreed to help pay for improvements to Foxconn factories in China. Meanwhile, New York City is now the fastest growing area for tech companies. Kai Ryssdal talks to Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical, about getting U.S. manufacturing back on track. And reporter Amy Scott continues her series on poverty and education, visiting a Cincinnati school that also provides basic health care for its students.

Apple and Foxconn to share improvement costs

Tech giant Apple and its major supplier Foxconn say they will share the costs of better conditions for workers Chinese factories making Apple products.
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Tackling poverty along with reading and arithmetic

Cincinnati's Oyler School, is not just a center for learning. It is a Community Learning Center that brings together social services and education under one roof.
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New York's tech industry booms

New York is now the second most important U.S. tech hub after Silicon valley, based on startups and job growth, new study says.
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What Americans think about the rich

Contrary to all the talk of the 1 percent and the 99 percent, Gallup polls reveal that Americans might not be so weary of the rich after all.
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Brad Pitt becomes first Chanel No. 5 spokesman

The Marketplace staff offer their takes on what his commercials will be like.
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No more wagers on Greek exit

As an exodus in the European Union becomes more a sure thing, two of London's largest bookmakers shut down the markets for bets on Greece leaving the E.U. and the existence of the euro in a few years.
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CEO of Dow Chemical on re-branding chemistry

Andrew Liveris, CEO of Dow Chemical, talks about how the company is trying to change the images consumers have of the company and of science.
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JPMorgan Chase reveals $2 billion losses

On what were essentially bad and risky bets made by the bank. Still, CEO Jamie Dimon tried to play down the situation in today's conference call.
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