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Kai Ryssdal interviews the head of the fair-labor group that issued a critical report today on working conditions at Apple contractors in China. In Marketplace's weekly interview with Gallup's editor in chief, Kai talks to Frank Newport about what Americans think about the health care law. President Obama's proposal to end tax subsidies for oil companies went nowhere, but what if one day it does? Two British students are paying off their debts by selling advertising on their faces. And in the latest installment of Robots Ate My Job, special correspondent David Brancaccio explores what would happen if robots took over speaking and reporting.

Indebted students see their face as their fortune

Two British students have found a novel way to pay off their student debt: offering their faces for corporate advertising on the Internet.
Posted In: advertising, viral marketing

Paul Ryan budget plan dead in the Senate

The GOP casts itself as the party of fiscal discipline. The Paul Ryan budget blueprint does not close deficits until around 2040.
Posted In: Paul Ryan, budget

Robots get personal

Even creative work -- like journalism -- is up for robotization.
Posted In: robots, Jobs, technology

If the oil subsidies went away

The defeat of a U.S. Senate bill to end oil company subsidies leads us to wonder: What would actually happen if subsidies ended?
Posted In: Oil, subsidy

Best Buy puts the lid on big boxes

As more shoppers move online, the chain has been caught with too many stores and not enough customers. So, Best Buy will close a slew of its big box stores and open many smaller ones.
Posted In: Best Buy, big box

Americans split in opinion on health care

According to Gallup, a majority of Americans don't anticipate many positive changes to come with the Affordable Care Act. Support for health care reform roughly tracks the same numbers as President Obama's approval ratings.
Posted In: health care reform law

What are your chances of winning the lottery this week?

You're better off placing your bets on dating a supermodel. Really.
Posted In: lottery

FLA's Foxconn report uncovers labor violations

Auret van Heerden, president of the Fair Labor Association, discusses working conditions at Foxconn's factories and the fixes that Apple and Foxconn are promising.
Posted In: China, Foxconn, apple

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